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WoolProducers Independent Director Elections

WoolProducers are excited to call for nominations for this year’s Independent Director Elections, to fill three director positions.

WoolProducers holds these elections every two years which enables three additional directorships to work with the six State Farm Organisation appointed directors to form the WoolProducers Executive providing a truly national voice for Australian woolgrowers.

The role of each director, working as part of the Board includes overseeing the affairs of the organisation and setting the strategic direction of the company to fulfil our organisational vision to:

“Provide the Australian wool growing industry with leadership that encourages a financially, socially, ethically and environmentally sustainable future.”

WoolProducers plays an important, and often misunderstood role of forming policy and advocating in the interests of all Australian woolgrowers. As the peak industry body representing woolgrowers it is incumbent on our organisation to provide timely, considered and justified input into a range of industry issues from animal health, welfare and biosecurity, industry systems, pest management control, natural resource management, drought preparedness, emergency animal disease outbreak preparedness, workforce and industry development, including research and trade.

This is achieved by providing representation to around 60 government and industry committees, roundtables and working groups.

We work with our members, government, industry service providers and other stakeholders to ensure that growers are getting a say in industry and other matters which directly affect them. This is done with no allegiance to any one production sector but rather for the whole of industry good, which can be a complex proposition given the diverse views across Australia’s 50,000 woolgrowers.

Some of the key issues that WoolProducers have led and been involved in in recent years include:

  • Traceability in the Australian wool and sheep industry

  • Trust in Australian Wool

  • Sheep Sustainability Framework

  • Ensuring a sustainable Australian Wool Industry through market diversification and risk mitigation – Phase 1 and Phase 2

  • Enhancing trade relations with China, India, Vietnam and Bangladesh

  • International Emergency Animal Disease Trade Protocols

  • To be eligible to apply to be an Independent Director, candidates must:

  • Have paid the wool levy at least once during the past three years (since 1 July 2020);

  • Be a member of a state farmer organisation that is affiliated with WoolProducers Australia or a direct member of WPA; and

  • Be eligible to act as a company director in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Nominations open on 4 September, with results to be announced at our AGM on 9 November.

If this sounds like something that you would like to be involved with, I encourage you check out the WoolProducers website or contact for more information.


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