December Blog – 2021 Year in Review

This year has been exceptionally busy for all with several major issues arising affecting the national wool industry.

I’m proud of two major industry initiatives that WoolProducers have been involved with that were launched during 2021, those obviously being the Trust in Australian Wool Campaign (TIAW) and the Sheep Sustainability Framework (SSF).

Both projects have demonstrated WoolProducers industry leadership skills and our commitment to our organisational vision to:

“Provide the Australian wool growing industry with leadership that encourages a financially, socially, ethically and environmentally sustainable future.”

In terms of the TIAW campaign, during the first six-months alone we had wonderful support from the federal government in promoting this campaign, we ensured that we engaged the Agriculture Minister Counsellors based around the world by providing briefings before the launch, this in turn has seen the campaign being promoted by different AusTrade and DFAT staff globally, via social media and where possible in person. For example, we saw on Twitter the Malaysian Chief Vet Officer being presented with a copy of the handbook by our in-country Ag Ministerial Counsellor.

Further we had the Australian Embassy post articles in Mandarin in the Chinese social media platform Weibo, with one post generating 157k views in one week, which was about 5 times their average views for a single post.

We also know that the document has been referenced by Trade Minister Tehan in relevant discussions with some of his international counterparts. Additionally, we have been approached by three European governments for briefings through our Ag Minster Counsellor based in Brussels on the back of the campaign. We have had good domestic media coverage with over 30 articles and radio interviews conducted as well as international media in textile publications, with more to come in the new year.