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Storey and Harrison continue to lead WoolProducers

WoolProducers Australia held their AGM virtually on 11 November, 2021.

The WoolProducers Executive re-elected Yass woolgrower, Mr Ed Storey as President and Gippsland grower Mr Steven Harrison as Vice-President.

Mr Storey, who is entering his fourth and final year as WoolProducers President said, “I am pleased to again be re-elected into the Presidents role of WoolProducers to lead the organisation for another 12-months representing the interests of Australian woolgrowers”.

“WoolProducers have had an extremely productive year and delivered many positives for the industry as a whole, including the launch of the Trust in Australian Wool campaign and the Sheep Sustainability Framework, and I look forward to another constructive year ahead”.

WoolProducers also announced the return of the three incumbent independent directors, Stacey Lugsdin, NSW, John Hassell, WA and Steve Harrison, Vic.

Mr Storey said, “We are fortunate to have the three independent growers of the calibre of Stacey, John and Steve, and I’m very pleased to have Steve returned as Vice-President of WoolProducers”.

A key priority of WoolProducers over the next 12 months is to ensure that industry service providers and organisations are working together more efficiently and effectively on behalf of woolgrowers.

“The reality is our industry is facing a number of factors, including the recovery from the pandemic, the EU labelling laws and labour shortages while our industry competes for land use from other commodities”. Mr Storey said.

“It is time that vested interests and agendas are put aside from all parties in the hope of stabilising and growing our wonderful industry”. Mr Storey said.

WoolProducers, through its nationally representative nature and established position in the industry can play a constructive role in facilitating outcomes and representing growers’ interests across a wide range of issues.

“WoolProducers has demonstrated that it can work with all sectors of industry from production through to export and internationally and will continue to work with all parties to ensure a bright future for the Australian wool industry”. Mr Storey said.



WoolProducers Australia contacts:

Jo Hall, CEO

02 6110 2067

Ed Storey, President

0438 309 500

About WoolProducers’ Australia WoolProducers plays a critical role in working closely with companies and entities funded by woolgrower funds including compulsory levies or fees for service.

Its mission is to develop constructive and profitable outcomes for woolgrowers nationally.

The agency is responsible for appointing a director to each of the Australian Wool Exchange and the Australia Wool Testing Authority, promoting good corporate governance and ensuring that the interests of growers are met.

WoolProducers maintains a working relationship with Australian Wool Innovation as the voice of woolgrower shareholders. It aims to contribute to AWI’s programs for the benefit of growers, promoting responsible use of levy funds and ensuring good corporate governance.

WoolProducers is the sole wool industry member of Animal Health Australia, and as such, carries a significant responsibility for decision making on behalf of the industry in the event of an emergency animal disease outbreak.

As the only wool grower organisation with membership of the National Farmers’ Federation, WoolProducers is responsible for providing key policy advice on behalf of our members, and other wool growers, to Australia’s peak farm body.

WoolProducers also works closely with the Federal Government Departments on key issues such as animal health and welfare, biosecurity, pest management control, natural resource management, drought preparedness, emergency animal disease outbreak preparedness and industry development, including research, trade and logistics.


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