WoolProducers: Ensuring the traceability of wool for industry good

Peak woolgrower representative body WoolProducers Australia are preparing for the release of the final report of the Commonwealth funded Traceability in the Australian wool and sheep industry project.

WoolProducers successfully applied for a grant under the Commonwealth Traceability Grants Program in 2020, with the intent of identifying and making recommendations on an ideal traceability system for wool.

After reviewing existing domestic and international systems, coupled with extensive consultation across the supply chain through one-on-one interviews and two industry workshops, four key elements of an effective traceability system in the wool industry have been identified.

WoolProducers General Manager, Mr Adam Dawes said, “Through our extensive consultation we have identified that in order to achieve effective industry wide traceability for a bulk commodity, such as wool, there are four key elements required of the system, including:

• identification of the source;

• identification of the product;

• a mechanism to record movement of the product; and

• widespread engagement.”

“These elements were recently presented at two online workshops, involving domestic supply chain members and industry service providers who universally supported the concept”. Mr Dawes said.

The project considered the two main drivers for improving wool traceability, those being

biosecurity and provenance.

Mr Dawes said, “With increasing awareness of the threat of an Emergency Animal Disease (EAD) outbreak in Australia, and the increasing importance of provenance and supply chain transparency for consumers, the project aims to facilitate improvements in the current wool industry traceability system and incor