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WoolProducers looking to the future with Youth Ambassadors

WoolProducers Australia (WoolProducers) are excited to welcome this year’s Raising the Baa Youth Ambassadors, Erin Douglas and Makaela Knapp.

WoolProducers President, Mr Ed Storey said, “The Youth Ambassador position offers people aged 18 -35 years the opportunity to learn and understand the policy cycle and how a board works, so that they understand how policy is developed in the best interests of industry.”

The Raising the Baa Program has two streams, with applicants able to apply to undertake a fully funded Company Directors Course with the Australian Institute of Company Directors, or to be appointed to a WoolProducers’ Youth Ambassador position.

Both Ms Douglas and Ms Knapp attended the recent WoolProducers Animal Health and Welfare Advisory Committee (AHWAC) and Executive meetings held in mid-August.

Ms Knapp, from Western Australia who is involved in her family farm, is a proud hands-on woolgrower, who even at her young age is actively involved with advocacy, already sitting on WA Farmers Livestock Council.

Ms Knapp said, “I am absolutely honoured to be named a WoolProducers Australia Youth Ambassador.”

“I’m also exceptionally grateful to WoolProducers for the opportunity and their willingness to pass on knowledge to help shape the next generation of producers. I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store.” Ms Knapp said.

Ms Douglas, from Victoria has had a passion for wool since she was 12 when she started working with her high school’s livestock show team. Ms Douglas continues to be involved with youth through both judging and showing her stud Corriedales throughout Victoria.

Ms Douglas said “The opportunity to attend the WoolProducers Committee and Executive meetings has and will continue to be an invaluable experience throughout the following year, and beyond. It is an honour to sit amongst such successful, like-minded leaders and mentors of our industry and be a part of important present-day conversations.”

“I am excited to see what differences we can make and how this Youth Ambassadorship can support Australia’s young agricultural enthusiasts in the future. I look forward to making significant connections and contacts and learning along the way.” Ms Douglas said.

This year’s outgoing Youth Ambassador, Sam Wan also attended the recent AHWAC meeting, and provided an overview of her time at as WoolProducers Youth Ambassador.

Ms Wan who is already very well known in the industry through her wool business specialist role with Elders and other industry initiatives, recapped her policy project on mulesing status and market trends.

Ms Wan said, “My time as the 2019/20 WoolProducers Youth Ambassador has been invaluable. I learn best by doing and by both attending Committee and Board meetings and working through the policy project the program has provided me with incredible insight to agri-politics, the fundamentals of policy development and the wool industry in Australia”.

“My role as a wool broker has been positively impacted by understanding the processes and people involved with policy development and by being exposed to a detailed understanding of current issues facing the wool industry through a national representation lens.” Ms Wan said.

Mr Storey said, “We are very pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to young people in our industry and continue to be amazed at the quality of candidates that we receive each year. Sam, Erin and Makaela are wonderful examples of the depth of talent and passion we have in our industry”.

“We look forward to working with Erin and Makaela over the next 12-months and beyond and we wish Sam all the very best in her future endeavours.” Mr Storey said.


WoolProducers Australia contacts:

Jo Hall, CEO

02 6110 2067

Ed Storey, President

0438 309 500

About WoolProducers’ Australia WoolProducers plays a critical role in working closely with companies and entities funded by woolgrower funds including compulsory levies or fees for service.

Its mission is to develop constructive and profitable outcomes for woolgrowers nationally.

The agency is responsible for appointing a director to each of the Australian Wool Exchange and the Australia Wool Testing Authority, promoting good corporate governance and ensuring that the interests of growers are met.

WoolProducers maintains a working relationship with Australian Wool Innovation as the voice of woolgrower shareholders. It aims to contribute to AWI’s programs for the benefit of growers, promoting responsible use of levy funds and ensuring good corporate governance.

WoolProducers is the sole wool industry member of Animal Health Australia, and as such, carries a significant responsibility for decision making on behalf of the industry in the event of an emergency animal disease outbreak.

As the only wool grower organisation with membership of the National Farmers’ Federation, WoolProducers is responsible for providing key policy advice on behalf of our members, and other wool growers, to Australia’s peak farm body.

WoolProducers also works closely with the Federal Government Departments on key issues such as animal health and welfare, biosecurity, pest management control, natural resource management, drought preparedness, emergency animal disease outbreak preparedness and industry development, including research, trade and logistics.


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