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WoolProducers: Providing our customers with Trust in Australian Wool

WoolProducers Australia (WoolProducers) have been working with the Australian government to provide reassurance to our international customers of the industry and regulatory frameworks that Australian wool is produced under.

WoolProducers CEO Ms Jo Hall said “WoolProducers were recently approached by internationally based staff from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to coordinate briefings to clarify our on-farm production and husbandry procedures to international governments”.

One briefing has occurred and there are other European country briefings to be conducted in the coming weeks.

Ms Hall said “WoolProducers have convened an expert government and industry panel to explain the appropriateness of our production systems for our unique geographic, environmental and climatic conditions”.

“The Australian panel have been chosen to speak about relevant areas regarding Australia’s excellent animal health, welfare, biosecurity, traceability and sustainability credentials, which are the key themes under WoolProducers’ Trust in Australian Wool campaign”.

The aim of these discussions is to educate and reassure these countries that Australian woolgrowers not only share concerns about the wellbeing of their animals but prioritise and actively put into practice procedures to ensure holistic outcomes for their animals on a daily basis.

“We have been able to communicate the excellent voluntary uptake of pain relief that our growers have undertaken along with the fact that Australia produces the largest volume of non-mulesed apparel wool in the world, as a growing number of our producers move to non-mulesed production”.

“It also provides an opportunity for the Australian industry to hear the concerns of our international consumers”. Ms Hall said.

“WoolProducers would like to thank the Australian government officials and the expert panelists for participating in these exercises.”

“This is a great example of industry and government collaboration and WoolProducers are proud to be leading the Australian wool industry on these issues for the betterment of all Australian woolgrowers.” Ms Hall said.



WoolProducers Australia contacts: Jo Hall, CEO

02 6110 2067

About WoolProducers’ Australia WoolProducers plays a critical role in working closely with companies and entities funded by woolgrower funds including compulsory levies or fees for service.

Its mission is to develop constructive and profitable outcomes for woolgrowers nationally.

The agency is responsible for appointing a director to each of the Australian Wool Exchange and the Australia Wool Testing Authority, promoting good corporate governance and ensuring that the interests of growers are met.

WoolProducers maintains a working relationship with Australian Wool Innovation as the voice of woolgrower shareholders. It aims to contribute to AWI’s programs for the benefit of growers, promoting responsible use of levy funds and ensuring good corporate governance.


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