WoolProducers: No genuine reason to increase the levy from 1.5%

Peak woolgrower representative body WoolProducers Australia has reiterated their recommendation to eligible wool levy payers to vote for 1.5% in this year’s WoolPoll.

With voting open until 5 November, WoolProducers are urging levy payers to not only vote for 1.5% but to exercise their preferences to really make their vote count.

WoolProducers President Mr Ed Storey said, “The voting system for WoolPoll is an optional preferential system, meaning that levy payers are recommended to put a ‘one’ in the 1.5% levy rate option and then put the numbers two through to five, in the other levy rate boxes in your preferred order”.

“It is very important to do this to ensure that your vote doesn’t expire if the ballot goes to preferences like it did in 2018 and remember that if you do not want to increase the levy you should direct your preferences below the status quo. This will ensure that your vote has the most impact.” Mr Storey said.

AWI have claimed they need an increase in levy to fund R&D for the flystrike vaccine, lobbying the EU for fair labelling laws for wool, shearer and wool handler training, increasing wool’s use and marketing campaigns for the Northern Hemisphere.

Mr Storey said, “AWI are dedicating a lot of resources to try and influence growers to increase the levy by stating that they will not be able to able to fund basic R&D and marketing functions if there is no increase in the levy”.

“However, let’s not forget that this is the same organisation whose former Chair in 2018, told the Senate Committee that if 1.5% got up in that years WoolPoll, that their own figures indicated that AWI would be ‘technically insolvent’ – the $106 million in reserves as reported in this year’s Voter Information Memor