WoolProducers urge growers to vote 1.5% in WoolPoll

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Peak woolgrower representative body WoolProducers Australia has announced that they will be advocating for 1.5% in this year’s WoolPoll.

With voting opening on 13 September and the Voter Information Memorandum (VIM) available online from today, WoolProducers are calling on eligible levy payers to consider all of the information in the VIM before determining their vote.

WoolProducers have carefully considered the information provided in the VIM and determined that 1.5% is an adequate rate for AWI to conduct their operations.

WoolProducers President Mr Ed Storey said “According to the VIM, AWI have forecast reserves for the end of the financial year at 30 June, 2021 of $106.2 million. This does not align with the narrative that AWI needs more money to conduct basic research, development and marketing”.

AWI have claimed they need an increase in levy to fund R&D for the flystrike vaccine, lobbying the EU for fair labelling laws for wool, shearer and wool handler training, increasing wool’s use and marketing campaigns for the Northern Hemisphere.

Mr Storey said, “WoolProducers believes that these should be standard activities for AWI and if they need 2% to conduct these functions, you would have to question what they are doing with 1.5% that they currently receive?”

“In light of the information in the VIM, AWI simply have not made a strong enough case for WoolProducers to support a levy increase.” Mr Storey said.

WoolProducers understands that the wool industry, like every other industry, has experienced external shocks due to the COVID pandemic, however the healthy res